Crallé & Company


Crallé & Company assists companies, individuals and families.

For companies, established, middle-market, emergent and growing, we:

  • Formulate strategy for corporate development.
  • Prepare business plans and financing proposals, project and performance evaluations, and financial analyses.
  • Value closely-held firms and unlisted securities.
  • Arrange private placements of equity and credit; market and sell middle-market businesses.
  • Interim financial management of businesses in transition.

For individuals and families, we offer financial guidance, most notably needed during times of transition (for the recently widowed, for example, or during separation leading to divorce).  Among other services we:

  • Provide the calm and objective insight to assess resources and obligations, spending priorities and budgets.
  • Guide wealth management issues such as overall asset allocation based on risk tolerance, income and capital accumulation objectives; manager selection based on investment style; and multiple-account portfolio monitoring.
  • During divorce proceedings, assist client and legal counsel in documenting assets and obligations (forensic accounting), current income and implications for continuing accustomed lifestyle spending; prepare counsel and client for negotiations of financial settlement.
  • Manage the overwhelming paperwork that often builds-up during times of stress.
  • We are also available to testify regarding financial matters as an expert witness.

An initial conference and assessment are without cost or obligation.

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Crallé & Company, Incorporated
Bronxville, New York