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Joseph B. Crallé is a Certified Public Accountant and holds an MBA from the University of Vermont.  He has been independently consulting to middle-market and other businesses since 1990.  Direct and relevant experience encompasses investment banking (fund raising, and acquisitions and divestitures), interim financial management, and pure analytical assignments.  A list of representative consulting assignments can be found here.

Mr. Crallé spent the first 15 years of his financial management career in the corporate headquarters of four of the largest corporations in the United States:

  • Warner Communications (predecessor of Time Warner).
  • Union Carbide, (ninth in Fortune 500; sold to Dow Chemical in 2001).
  • Pitney Bowes.
  • Carter-Wallace (sold to affiliates of private equity firms soon after year 2000).

Mr. Crallé's C.P.A. audit experience was with Davies and Davies (now O’Connor, Davies, Munns & Dobbins, among the top-15 firms in New York and top 100 in the U.S.).  He holds a B.S. in accountancy from Susquehanna University.

How much will this cost?

Our fees are structured according to the nature of an engagement, based on an explicit deliverable and within a defined timeframe.

Most clients, we have found, prefer to know their total maximum cost in advance, and so prefer fixed-rate project fees or a flat-rate monthly retainer, either of which might be appropriate where an engagement's scope and duration are clearly discernable.

We also are open to discuss hourly or per-diem engagements for situations of shorter duration or immediacy, generally at rates lower than legal counsel.

Where a success fee is appropriate, in a contingent-success situation, a fund-raising or counterparty search, for example, we will structure a retainer and at-risk success fee to be funded by proceeds of the transaction.

An initial conference and assessment are without cost or obligation.

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