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Personal Computer Assistance

Joe Crallé will provide one-on-one guidance and instruction, and remain available for telephone follow-up, to beginners and experienced users, as quickly or as gradually as they (you!) care to proceed.

Focusing on your specific list of questions (how to do some particular things), broad or focused objectives (getting comfortable with technology, learning concepts, e-mailing family and friends, or surfing the ‘net), we will work together, one-on-one, to learn about, for example:

  • E-mail (GMail, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, Verizon, Optimum Online, others); attachments (uploading and downloading)
  • Internet and safe-surfing protections; search engines (Google and others); setting up anti-virus and anti-spyware programs
  • Microsoft Office: how to format and print a formal letter on stationery (Word); how to make a slide presentation to your club (PowerPoint); how to tote-up monthly expenses on a spreadsheet (Excel); how to monitor multiple e-mail accounts and addresses (Outlook)
  • Managing personal finances:
    -  Paying household bills via bank proprietary on-line systems
    -  Paying household bills via personal finance programs (e.g., Quicken)
    -  Personal bookkeeping (Quicken, MSMoney, others)
    -  Preparing tax returns (and tax planning)
    -  Managing investments (via brokerage-firm websites or programs above)
    -  Track medical expenses, Medicare and private insurance reimbursements
  • Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems (including Vista, XP and Win7); guide you in organizing folders and files; how to backup; what to purge and delete; clean-up and tuning-up your computer for best performance.
  • Fun stuff such as:
    -- iPods, iTunes and pod-catching; iPads and iPhones
    -- Photoshop and video editing
    -- Music downloading, ripping and burning
    -- Games the grandchildren are using
    -- You name it: we’ll figure it out together

Experience teaches that one-on-one guidance and instruction is more efficient than seminars or a classroom approach, both for beginners building confidence and more experienced users looking to upgrade particular skills.

I have been utilizing personal computers since their introduction (circa 1982) and, previously, brought the power of mainframe computers to my jobs in corporate finance and analysis assignments (during and since graduate school in 1974).

It is a pleasure to offer my experience to people with the motivation to harness the power of these technologies.  Gently and without pressure.  This stuff is fun.

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Joe Crallé
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