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Marketing and Sale of Operating Businesses

Crallé & Company will find the financing source or buyer of an operating business.  The tasks are very similar.

Private-equity investment funds, and their credit counterparts, are a major source of expansion and buyout capital for middle-market companies.  Crallé & Company maintains active and personal contact with an extensive and diverse group of equity and credit sources, from institutional private-equity investment funds to individual investors, commercial banks and non-bank creditors.

We will draft the proposal and market the opportunity among a limited group of select institutional and other investors; negotiate business terms; supervise legal counsel in preparation of documentation; and mange the process through funding or closing.

Marketing and sale of an operating business is similar to a private placement in that the first step is preparation of an information memorandum, including a target valuation.  Private companies often require extensive restatement of reported financial results.

We will solicit interest among financial or industry buyers; negotiate business terms and draft the letter of intent; supervise legal counsel in preparation of documentation; and manage the project until closing.

We will undertake such contingent success engagements typically based on a retainer and at-risk success fee to be funded by proceeds of the transaction.

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