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Personal Financial Management

We offer our time, experience and expertise customized to your particular needs, on a project or hourly basis.

What we don’t do is sell commission-based products (no insurance; no securities brokerage; no finder’s fees for steering you to a particular money manager).  We are objective in viewpoint and unbiased in our recommendations.

Tax return preparation and planning for payments due during the upcoming year.  We are familiar with personal, trust and business returns; federal and state filings; domestic payroll remittances.  With long experience, we compile deductions and prepare forms efficiently.  Where data required is unavailable or missing, we are experienced in reconstructing records.

Personal CFO services include bill paying, financial analysis and planning.  To provide guidance we first will assess:

  • Periodic and regular income and expenses; intermittent, episodic or unpredictable receipts and disbursements

  • Current major obligations (mortgages, charitable obligations, taxes, tuition), revolving credit lines and other obligations (including home equity lines and credit cards)

  • Assets (current holdings and predictable receipts such as alimony, various settlements and inheritances)

Wealth management advice takes into account your time horizon, risk tolerance; need for current income and liquidity.  Unbiased studies suggest that asset allocation accounts for 90% of investment returns over time.  Therefore, we will discuss with you your preferences for:

  • Active management vs. passive (although even a passive portfolio must be periodically re-balanced).

  • Self-management vs. professional managers; scope of authority: discretionary management (full authority to trade) or non-discretionary (professional advice to client only); funds pooled with others (mutual funds) or separate accounts; hedge funds and private equity (single manager vs. funds of funds).

  • Market risk and volatility tolerance: equities vs. fixed income vs. cash; publicly-listed securities vs. private equity; primary securities vs. derivatives; domestic vs. foreign issuers; developed vs. emerging markets.

  • Transaction costs (commissions and fees, including such artful terms as loads, no loads and wrap fees).

To monitor--and manage the manger--we will:

  • Stay closely involved (at a transaction level) or review only periodically (on a big-picture basis) from an objective viewpoint.

  • Consolidate various accounts and statements; combine and sort various asset classes and securities to allow meaningful analysis.

  • Analyze performance: total account vs. manager vs. individual security performance periodically by comparing to objectives (income & growth and asset allocation; indexes; risk; projected performance), and provide rebalancing recommendations.

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