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Financial Guidance for Families in Transition

Our clients are people in transition, such as the recently separated, divorced or widowed.  Most also are busy professionals with multiple demands on their time.  We will:

  • Systematically approach deferred or overwhelming paperwork; organize systems and processes (manual or computer) for the client to reassume responsibility when ready.

  • Guide in financial and non-financial matters (income taxes, payroll taxes for domestic help, property taxes; insurance).  Serve as proxy in dealings with contractors, tax accountants, estate counsel and service personnel.

  • Establish household budgets and monitor expenditures; manage paying bills, balancing checkbooks and reconciling bank statements.  File and follow-up with medical insurance claims.

  • Assist during catch-up or transition phase with as much follow-up, monitoring, coaching and encouragement as needed.

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Wealth management is among the most important issues facing families in transition.  We will:

  • Guide overall asset allocation based on risk tolerance and the anticipation of inevitable market fluctuation.  (Asset allocation generally accounts for more than 90% of volatility and investment returns, so the selection of money manager should be relegated to secondary importance until asset allocation is clearly decided.)

  • Advise on money manager selection based on investment style, adherence to stated strategy and mandate, and demonstrated performance through past investment cycles.

  • Monitor combined overall performance and that of various asset classes, especially important when multiple managers, strategies and accounts are involved.

  • Remain mindful of current income and accustomed lifestyle spending, known and predictable resources, liquidity needs, upcoming and long-term obligations (tuition, mortgages, taxes, retirement, generational transfers).

Divorce negotiations can be fraught with anxiety and intensified both by uncertainty and emotions.  Although legal proceedings will be managed overall by legal counsel, the crux of many cases often is financial (identifying and valuing assets, for example, and negotiating settlement or support), and so we will:

  • Assist client and legal counsel in understanding and documenting assets and obligations, current income and implications for continuing accustomed lifestyle spending.

  • Trace and identify missing assets using forensic accounting techniques as needed.

  • Compile and analyze declarations for court proceedings, including expert valuations.

  • Coach legal counsel and client in relevant particulars leading into negotiations, or participate directly if requested.

  • We are also available to testify regarding financial matters as an expert witness.

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